Financial Advisors

A financial advisor is a professional who renders investment advice and financial planning services to individuals and businesses. IMR places individuals with proven success working with high net worth clients who have extensive knowledge in:

  • Maximizing net worth by understanding a client’s financial situation; goals, risk tolerance, percentage of the available income necessary (taking into account the tax liabilities, expected inflation and projected return on investment) to meet a minimum balance by the client’s target age of retirement.
  • Use of investment products: stocks, bond, mutual funds, international, alternative investments, insurance products, and trusts to meet client’s needs.
  • Budgeting, forecasting, taxation, asset allocation and financial tools and products in order to establish realistic goals and the strategy by which to reach them.
  • Managing trusts and settlements of estates, multi-generational wealth transfers, trust, tax and estate planning, operations of a family business, philanthropic strategies including creating private foundations, annual charitable giving, or handling grants