Hiring Marketplace – Hiring in the financial sector is back.

Continued uncertainty and volatility still describe 2010 in both the markets and the world events in general. Looking back over the last twelve months we saw continued high unemployment, European debt concerns, the BP oil spill, the devastating earthquake in Haiti and a continued war in Afghanistan. What we didn’t hear much about were many positives in […]

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Marketing Efforts; Only solution to turnaround asset growth

Review of the Hiring Marketplace 2009 In the last two quarters of 2009, IMR finally saw a rebound in the hiring market.  The slash of employees through 2008 and first two quarters of 2009 was mainly due to asset managers responding to falling market returns and fleeing clients. Firms needed to focus on client service […]

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Financial System Turmoil of 2008

Everyone connected to our financial system has been impacted by the turmoil in 2008. We’ve seen the collapse of large firms like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and the stress on smaller investment firms from declining markets. The turmoil brought many layoffs, hiring freezes, and decisions to wait to hire to see where firm’s AUM […]

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