Hiring Marketplace – Hiring in the financial sector is back.

Continued uncertainty and volatility still describe 2010 in both the markets and the world events in general. Looking back over the last twelve months we saw continued high unemployment, European debt concerns, the BP oil spill, the devastating earthquake in Haiti and a continued war in Afghanistan.

What we didn’t hear much about were many positives in this continued rebound from the market pullback over the last couple years. The market recovery began in early 2009.

Corporate balance sheets have more cash, mergers and acquisitions are increasing, stock buy?backs are up, and companies are increasing their dividends.

As a result IMR saw increased hiring activity locally and across the country in 2010. While not all is rosy – some firms are struggling to raise assets and others are winding down, overall hiring is picking up.

Overall unemployment stood its ground at 9.6% in October — a figure that, the BLS notes, has been essentially unchanged since May. Unemployment in financial activities increased in October, rising to 6.7% from 6.3% in September. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Situation Report for October. finance jobs are slowly creeping back into the market

IMR is optimistic that the industry trends will continue.

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